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In order to realize its scientific research activity, organize conferences and other events and carry out training courses for young leaders, Sofia Security Forum relies on support, donation, contributor programs, and sponsorship by physical and juridical persons.


Our goal is to help for the democratic and European development ofBulgariaand improve regional and international security throughout data processing, search for a broad consensus of opinion on substantial questions and training of young leaders.


If you want to support the activity of Sofia Security Forum, please, contact us at


The contributors can decrease the financial result and the taxable profit in accordance with the regulations of the legislation in force inBulgaria.


Funds are transferred to bank accounts only.


Account               Sofia Security Forum

Address               1, Bogatitsa str. 28, Sofia 1421, Bulgaria

Bank                   DSK BANK

Bank Address       1 Slavyanska str., Sofia, Bulgaria

IBAN                   BG11STSA93000021629437

SWIFT                 STSABGSF